sandbagsSandbags from Canadian Tents

All of our sandbags feature heavy-duty construction materials and handles sewn around the bag. Good for cold climate and very rough handling. Convenient handle to carry easily and support filled weight. The double fold-back design prevents spilling; sandbags will not open when thrown from a truck.

Our standard sandbag styless are available in black or white vinyl. Custom sizes and colors available on request.

sandbagsStandard Twin-pocket Sandbag

Length: 24” Height: 11.5”
10″ Pocket on each side
Filled weight: 20 lbs.

Deluxe Sandbag

sandbagsLength: 17” Height: 24”
Filled weight: 30 lbs.

Long-Pocket Sandbag

Length: 26.5″ Width: 9.5″
Filled weight 30 lbs.

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